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The meeting is to inform the local residents about the proposed mix-use development. We have been working on this development for a long time. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are uncertain about holding in-person public information meetings. The intent of having this meeting now is to keep development moving and inform public about upcoming developments.

The properties are landlocked from all sides. The properties on west side are already part of another 3 story townhouse development. The development on these properties will bring the leftover properties in this neighbourhood to meet the demand of rental units in the surrounding area.

The application has been submitted and once approved the construction is going to start in mid 2021.

A mix-use building with commercial units at grade level facing 160th st and 16 Ave + 3 story of rental apartment building above are being proposed as part of this development.

The outdoor amenity is divided in 2 parts. The second floor amenity is for rental units only. The ground floor outdoor amenity towards Alder place is to be shared with commercial units.

The rental units will provide the much desired units to people with more affordable option. This location of the proposed development is on busiest transit route in neighbourhood. The bus stop is south side of proposed development.

Yes the parking requirements exceeds the minimum requirement of zoning bylaw. We have 20 additional parking than required.

This will provide much required rental units and employment for the South Surrey / White Rock community.

A traffic assessment study is done to see any impact on traffic and parking in the neighbourhood. A separate lane connecting Alder Place to 16th Ave is being provided to release any impact on 160st / Alder Place rd. The additional 20 parking spots on site will also release any additional demand for parking.

Comment Forms can be dropped off at the Isola by Mortise Sales Center - 1670 160 Street, Surrey BC

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